Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy (late) Easter, everyone! Sorry for the late update, but for those who haven't heard my computer crashed Sunday night and I just got it back. Anyways, Easter was wonderful! We dyed some eggs a couple of days before...we actually had a variety of different colored eggs, until Leila decided she wanted them ALL pink, and starting dumping the already dyed eggs into the pink bowl...we ended up with a handful of pink eggs, some purple eggs and a lot of brownish, over-dyed eggs! ; )

Leila and the puppies got some fab baskets from the Easter bunny:

looooves her new shades!

and then a little egg hunt in the backyard. Tony thought my eggs were lame - they were filled with organic fruit snacks, some socks and undies, some dollars and quarters for her piggie bank and a couple of chapsticks. I thought they were good, but Tony didn't like the lack of candy.

Then we headed over to my Auntie Mary's and Uncle Ralph's for a really lovely Easter celebration with family, some of which we hadn't seen in a while - it was so nice to reconnect!
Easter was so much fun! I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday too!!


Beck said...

She is so cute!! LOL, I filled my kids eggs with goldfish and organic fruit snacks. There really is NO need for all that extra sugar when they are this age right? Have a great weekend!

The Oliver Family said...

um, you really need to frame the second to last picture on this post. it is STUNNING!

Erica said...

OMG that close-up picture of Leila is TO DIE FOR GORGEOUS!! Definitely blow that one up and frame it!! :)

Heather said...

My cousin, Autumn took those last two - she is super talented!