Monday, June 30, 2008

We love Super Franks!

We looooove Super Franks! We went back today with a bunch of friends (I ended up buying a pass good for 10 visits) and had an awesome time! Leila absolutely loves all the different activities that place has to offer! In the upstairs room she had a blast in the kitchen, on the play structure, in the cars and especially on the stage! I don't know how she knows to do it, but whenever she sees that stage she runs right up to it and starts singing in the microphone!

We also had a great time in "Sherman's Tank" which is like a giant Gymboree, but much bigger and much cheaper! We had so much fun with all of our friends, and can't wait to go back!

I'm the mean mom who kept playing on the plasma car while my kid cried.

As per her Daddy's request, here's a video:

Friday, June 27, 2008

Playdate with Emily!

This afternoon Leila and I had Emily and Lisa over for some fun girl time! Lisa brought over a Peet's coffee (just the way I like it,) making her my friend for life. I'd like to think that Leila was the perfect hostess, but here she is pushing Emily off her chair. *Sigh* At least she tried to make up for it with a hug!

And here I am, lucky enough to be getting some love from both of the girls!
We had an excellent afternoon!

We tried to avoid it...

It being Elmo. For some reason Elmo kind of bugs me, so I tried to shield Leila from the furry, red monster. Well...turns out she loves the little guy. Leila isn't that into tv, and one of the only shows she'll sit down and watch for a few minutes is Sesame Street. The other day, the "Elmo's World" part of Sesame Street came on and she was enthralled. She started saying "Elmo! Elmo!" and the rest is history...

Leila is now the proud owner of four Elmo dvds, three Elmo books and one Elmo doll.

*Sigh* I guess Elmo's not so bad afterall.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Leila's first pony ride!

Yesterday was one of our family's most fun outings ever - we went to the Alameda County Fair! The last time Tony and I went to the fair was two years ago (I was pregnant) and I clearly remember telling him that if I never go to the fair again I will be perfectly happy... well, not anymore!

After Leila's nap yesterday we decided why not go to the fair. As soon as we walked through the gates her eyes lit up! We took her out of her little car and she started running all over saying "Ooooooh!" We ran into Curious George and Strawberry Shortcake, and learned that it was almost storytime. We went to storytime and Leila loved it:

After storytime Leila's Daddy won her a magic wand:And then we saw some cool statues. Leila really wanted this alligator:And then came the most exciting part of our day...the ponies! Tony and I weren't sure if Leila would like the ponies. We watched them for a little while, and then decided to give it a try. Thank goodness we did, because she absolutely LOVED every second of it! Leila rode a pony named "Max" (although she kept calling him "Bubbles") and she looooved him! She kept bending over to try and kiss him. Tony walked with Leila, and held onto her for the first minute or so, but Leila wanted to ride on her own! She held onto the reigns (sp?), sat up straight and bobbed her head up and down! She looked like a baby equestrian! People kept stopping to watch her ride - it was impressive!

Make sure you turn your sound up - you can hear her tell the pony to "Gooooooo!"

After the pony ride my little Picasso decided to draw: and then play peek-a-boo:

I think the purple marker on her eye is a nice touch: We did lots of other things besides the pony rides - we went to a room full of bunnies, which Leila loved. In the heat of the moment I decided I wanted a bunny, and Tony said I could pick one out. I fell in love with three - a miniature siamese bunny, a red satin dwarf (he looked like Ramon, in bunny form) and a teeny, tiny floppy-eared bunny. We asked Leila if we got a bunny what she would name it. She said "Elmo." Fortunately the three that I absolutely loved weren't for sale, or else we would have come home with a bunny named Elmo. Tony asked if I wanted to go to PetSmart and get a bunny, but I came to my senses and decided I don't want to have to deal with cleaning a bunny cage. We also saw baby chicks and ducks, and a baby cow who was born yesterday morning.

Overall we had the best time at the fair! We might even go back on Friday : )

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I love...

I love her waking up noises

I love how she puts her hand on my chest and says "My Mama!"

I love watching her face light up when her Daddy comes home

I love listening to her sing

I love watching her dance

I love the smell of her head

I love her cheesey, little toes

I love her stinker faces

I love how she watches me get ready in the morning and then immitates me

I love how she calls Ramon "My-Mon"

I love watching her "read"

I love her to the moon and back

I love everything about her.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You know you have a girl when...

You know you have a girl when you go to clean the lint trap in the dryer and all the lint is bright pink. *Sigh*

I LOVE having a girl!

Hap Magee!

Today Leila and I met up with Ty and April at one of our favorite parks - Hap Magee in Danville. It used to be a water park, but the water has been turned off due to the drought. Boo!

Anyways, we went early before it got too hot. We had a ton of fun, although April and I were talking about how much easier it was when we were taking them last year. We could sit them in front of the water while we chatted. This time it was much more chasing and much less talking. Oh, well! We still had a great time!

Super fun playdate!

On Monday Leila and I had a SUPER fun playdate at SUPER Franks. It was super : ) Leila got to hang out with a bunch of her baby friends, and I got to hang out with a bunch of my mommy friends!

This place is great - they had two seperate rooms dedicated to toddlers. The upstairs room has a big, open play area, a big toy structure, and lots of little playrooms along the walls - a firehouse, a kitchen, a room with a stage, lights and a microphone! Leila's favorite room was the kitchen! She was having a blast with all the little pots and pans! She also loved the room with the stage. As soon as she walked in she ran right up to the stage and started dancing - there wasn't even any music on! She also had fun "singing" into the mic!

Super Franks was a ton of fun and we will definitely be going back!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our quasi beach day

Leila hates her sun hat, but she was wearing the matching dress, and was *planning* on wearing the matching bikini!Me and my angel:

Daddy's little princess:

How tough does he look?!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Best of friends

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A day at the pool

Yesterday we had a fabulous afternoon at the aquatic center! It took Leila a few minutes to get warmed up to the pool, but she ended up having a great time!

It was a beautiful day and perfect weather for swimming! Here are a couple of pictures - I couldn't get any of her in the water because we were *in* the water too! At least you can see her in her cute new Baby Gap bikini!

And there's Tony jumping off the high dive!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Random cuteness

How she rolls

How does Leila roll? In a "Princess" sash and tutu, of course.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Who does she look like?

I can't say I'm surprised - EVERYBODY says she looks just like Tony!