Friday, July 25, 2008

She pooped in the potty!!

WARNING: There's a lot of poop-talk in the following post. Turn away now, if you don't want to hear it!

Over the last week or so Tony has been talking to Leila a lot about "the potty" whenever he changes her he tells her about "poo-poo" and "pee-pee" and how she can sit on the big girl potty when she wants to. Well, on Tuesday Leila looked at Tony and said "Poop!" He asked if she had a poop, she said yes so he went to change her. Well, she didn't actually have a poop, but about ten seconds after changing her she did her thang. She was telling us that she needed to poop! That got Tony very excited and we had to immediately rush to Babies 'R Us to pick up a potty and some books. She sat on the potty that night (with her clothes on) just so we could plant the idea in her head, and also sat on it several times on Wednesday.

Cut to Thursday night -Leila's eating pasta in her high chair when she starts yelling "Daddy, Daddy, poop!" So, we took off her diaper and she had a little poo nugget. Tony asked if she wanted to sit on the potty and she said yes. She sat on it for about a minute, and then stood up - very proud of herself and cheered "Poop, poop!" Sure enough - there was another poop in her potty! We went crazy (I screamed and scared her a little bit...) we gave her lots of praise and let her know how proud of her we were!

I am amazed!! Honestly, I thought Tony was a little crazy thinking that we could start potty training this young, but I eat my words. Way to go, babe! What a great daddy!

Leila's "reward" every time she goes on the potty, or even sits on it will be one fruit loop.

So, please wish us luck as we enter into the very scary world of potty training!


Josie said...

Go Leila!!! I absolutely love the picture on the potty. Too cute!

M & T said...

what a big girl!!!!!!!

The Shmoopies said...

I hope the potty training is still going well! Good luck!!