Friday, July 18, 2008

Oakland Zoo

We love the zoo ~ we went again today! We finally took Leila on the zoo train, and she had a blast! She kept waving to people, and saying
"toot toot" with her little hand-motion! I think the train was definitely her favorite part of the zoo, but she also loved seeing the new baby giraffe!

That "baby" (in the middle) is only a few months old, but is already over six feet tall! She sure is cute!

Towards the end of the zoo visit the three of us shared a popsicle (or a pop-a-cool) as Leila says!

Before we left, Leila had to (of course!) stop and pick some flowers for mommy! This girl loves to smell flowers! Yesterday her and Tony bought me a bouquet of roses, and Tony said they were at the store forever so she could smell all of the flowers!


~M~ said...

I didn't know Leila had her own blog! What a fun day at the zoo!

tara said...

she is such a sweet, sweet, sweet girl. so beautiful.

Erica said...

She is SO precious!!

Sheila said...

Yum! How cute is she with the popsicle?! And how lucky are you that she'll actually wear a bib! Carter gave up on bibs months and months ago.