Friday, July 4, 2008

Mommy's Little Firecracker!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Leila and I had a nice and relaxing holiday! (Unfortun-
ately the same can't be said for Tony who's on a 24-hour shift on the firelines at the big fire in Red Bluff, but I digress.)

Anyways, the day started out with Leila letting me sleep in until 7:45 - woo hoo! We then had some breakfast and took Ramon on a walk to the "big park" about a mile down, swung on the swings and went downt the slides before they got too hot. After we got home and put Ramon to bed we went to Barnes and Noble for storytime. Leila was the only one there and got a one-on-one reading show and a giant sugar cookie with red and blue sprinkles. We came home and Leila took a three-hour nap! All that reading tires her out! After her nap we went to my mom and dad's and visited with them, Auntie Dana and Uncle Roo.

It was a nice and relaxing 4th of July - Happy Independence Day!

Since I didn't get a great shot all day, I wanted to show of Leila's super cute, patriotic outfit! Her red, sparkly flip-flops were her favorite part!


Erica said...

I love her outfit--so cute & patriotic! :) Her buddies wished her a happy 4th, too! I hope Tony gets to come home very, very soon!

Sheila said...

Her dress is SO CUTE and the flip flops match! I love it! I'm sorry Tony couldn't spend the day with you all, but it sounds like you made the most. Yay for a 3 hour nap! I thought Carter would be OUT after our day, but he only took a 90 minute nap - boo!

Josie said...

I am loving Leila's outfit. She is always perfectly dressed. She is so cute!

tara said...

that picture of leila and your brother is super cute!!!!!

Amanda said...

The outfit was really adorable, happy 4th!!!

Rachel said...

So cute!!!