Monday, March 16, 2009

Big girl in her big girl bed!

So, I found my camera. To the left is a picture of Leila's big girl bed. She loves it, and so do I - it's so girly! She is still sleeping really well, and this afternoon when I gave her the "two minute warning" for her nap she said "Oh, otay..." she walked into her room, took off her shoes and hopped into bed.

Here she is snuggled up for the night:
And here she is first thing the next morning:
Leila's bronchitis seems to be doing much better. Today is the last day of her medicine and she's coughing a lot less, although when she does cough it still sounds awful. She's gotten her appetite back, and seems to be in a much better mood - I think she'll be 100% in just a few days!


The Oliver Family said...

so beautiful!! i love it!!

did you guys paint the walls yourself or did the house come that way?

Heather said...

Our REA who is also a very good family friend was kind enough to have Leila's room professionally painted for us as one of our closing gifts - we are so lucky! Tony put up waynescotting (sp?!) in Leila's room a few days ago, and we just have to do some wood filler and paint it and then her room will be complete!

Erica said...

I love, love, love her room! Can I come over for a sleepover? ;)
Anyway, that's generous and thoughtful of your REA. Leila is such a great girl!! :)

Sparlo said...

Love your room colors and BIG GIRL bed. Looks like Ramon also found a hide out. xoxo

SAM said...

Love her new bedding!! So pretty! I hope she is 100% again. Poor sweet thing.