Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leila's first day

Today was the first day of Mommy 'N Me "Preschool". It's really more of a class designed to help get 2-year-olds ready for preschool, and the moms get to stay to help them through the process, but it was Leila's very first day of school nonetheless. Tony and I got her excited about it by talking all about school last night. This morning as soon as she woke up she said she was "ready for school!" and could not wait to get dressed. She insisted on a dress, and picked the cute, little plaid dress she ended up wearing out of alllllll (and their are a lot!) of her dresses. She wanted to wear backpack (she was the only one wearing one, LOL!) and before she left she said she wanted to go in a school bus. Unfortunately for her she had to settle for my car.

When we got to school she was a little shy. She really enjoyed singing "Pop Goes the Weasel" and playing with the doll house. I think she'll get less and less shy and more interactive every week. She still had a great time, and said she wanted to go back.

Keeping with tradition, I made Leila take some pictures in front of the door on her first day. She didn't seem to be into the "photo shoot" but I still managed to get a couple cute shots!

She was very happy about climbing to the top of the play structure: After class we stopped at Panama Red for some foffee (milk in a coffee cup...don't tell her, though!)


Lisa said...

Leila is by far the cutest student I have EVER seen (at I've seen a lot!)!!

Erica said...

SOOOO cute!! Yay for a great first day!!

Rachel said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Sparlo said...

Very cute, how was she when you left her? Did she cry? (or you)? I did on bammas 1st day

The Oliver Family said...

she is so flippin gorgeous