Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leila, the hula baby!

We are back from Hawaii and had a great time! Leila did really well traveling (and there were a lot of flights!) She loved Hawaii even more than I thought she would! When she went to the first beach in Kauai she wasn't in love - the waves were a little too high for her liking, and she didn't dig the sand. Then we put on her crocs - her "magic shoes" and she was much more confident and comfortable. By the time we went to Maui she was a regular beach baby. She loved playing in the waves, and building sand castles!

Tony and I took her to the Maui Ocean Center, and we all loved it! They had a turtle exhibit going on, and Leila kept saying "turtle, turtle!" She also loved the giant shark tank - she is such her mama's girl!

We went to the Royal Lahaina Luau and Leila had a blast! She loved the food, but she especially loved the dancing and the music!! Here are a handful of pictures, throughout the trip! There will be more on my blog over the next few days!



Rachel said...

What a fun trip!

Erica said...

Sooooooo happy to have you back!! :)

Bre said...

Soo Cute! Looks like you guys had a fabulous trip!

SAM said...

Beautiful pictures!! She is too cute in her pink Crocs, and now you know why I love them so much for Carter - easiest toddler shoes ever! I think I'm a moron because I never know what those little boppy-like pillows were for until I saw the last pic in her blog with Leila sleeping in her carseat. So glad you had a great trip, and I'm off to see if your blog has more pics!