Monday, September 8, 2008

Leila at the Daddy Spa

The day before we left for vacation I got to sleep in, and I woke up to a surprise...Leila had bright pink (OPI's Strawberry Margarita, to be exact) toenails! She was sooooo excited about her pretty new toenails, that were painted the same as mine. All throughout our Hawaiian vacation she'd point down to her toes and say "Mama's toes." Then one day she noticed her polish was starting to come off, so she went to Tony - "Daddy, peez? Peez? Toes!" So, he touched them up AND painted her fingernails.

*Sigh* When did my little baby turn into a big girl who's old enough to want her fingers and toes painted? Yesterday while Leila and Tony were watching football Leila decided she need another touch up, so she went to Tony and asked. She is getting too big too fast!


TitanTysMama said...

He wears a uniform, cooks, cleans, AND paints nails!! You so picked a winner. I think this may be your cutest blog post yet. I love the look of concentration on T's face.

M & T said...

aw! what an amazing dad!!

SAM said...

OMG, this is too cute!! I love that she is getting her toes painted - such a little girl! And your hubby is the one doing it - I am super impressed! And I agree with April - this is one of the cutest things I've seen on your blog yet (although I think her beautiful face on the Safeway bottle liners just might beat it).

Erica said...

I have to agree---he paints nails, too?!?! When is his next available appt? Or this could be a new GNI theme. ;)
I love this post---so cute and heartwarming. :)