Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Leila's new ride

After Leila tried to steal not one, not two, but THREE of these push-cars we finally broke down and got her her own. (She tried to steal two at different parks, and one at the zoo.)

Yesterday was a lazy afternoon and we weren't doing anything so we thought a trip to Babies 'R Us was in order. We showed Leila the picture on the box and she said "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Llllleila!" which we took as her wanting it. Tony put it together as soon as we got home, and we took Leila's new ride for a couple spins around the park. When we got home Leila decided she still hadn't had enough so Tony took her on another ride, around our townhouse complex. He said Leila loved going over the speed bumps.

Later that night Leila saw her car outside, grabbed Tony's pants, pulled him to the back door, pointed to her car and said "Please?" So, they went on another ride.

Leila absolutely loves her new car!


Anonymous said...

Very Cute ride, but no place for Ramon to sit. Love the new hair-do. Ruby's mom

Matt and Tara said...

so so so so cute!! andrew used to love his little wagon/car!! cant believe how big shes getting! i remember when you just found out you were pregnant!!! amazing how fast time flies!!