Thursday, May 1, 2008


Aaah, jellies. They were my absolute favorite shoes when I was little. My cousin Kristina and I had jellies in every color of the rainbow. I am so excited that Leila has her first pair of jellies!! I thought she might not like them on her feet, because the texture is so weird but man, was I wrong! She adores them!! All day long (yesterday) she would point to her feet and say "shooooooes" (sounds more like "sooz") Then when I took them off she cried. She kept bringing them back to me, whining "sooz, sooz" so I caved and put them back on. She looked quite stylish wearing her pajamas and jellies. When it was finally time for bed I took them off and said "Goodnight shoes." She gave her jellies a big, open-mouthed kiss and said "N-nye sooz"

They may make her feet smell like stinky, cheap plastic but she loves them and I do too. Aah, jellies.


tara said...

oh. my. gosh. jellies. wow, i have not thought about or seen jellies in years! boy, do i have jellie memories! i used to LOVE those shoes and would get so ticked when my parents wouldnt buy me a pair in every color. ahh, a 10 year old's priorities.

Anonymous said...

I still want them, though I'd never get them!! Yeah Jellies. ~Kristina

Amanda said...

I haven't seen jellies in years! Nick slept with his shoes on the other night (yeah I gave in)