Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On the hunt for a cleaner pasta

I am on the hunt for a "cleaner" pasta for Leila. As you saw from the previous post, Leila looooves her pasta, but that red sauce is such a pain to clean up now that the princess INSISTS on feeding all times! This afternoon I made Leila three different types of pasta, in hopes that she would love one (or all) of them without making a giant mess. I made her Deceptively Delicious mac 'n cheese, which is always a hit, alphabet pasta with small-cut sundried tomatoes (she loves 'em), snow peas, grilled chicken, a little olive oil and parmesean cheese, and alphabet pasta with a garlic-alfredo sauce. I'm really hoping that one of the two new ones will be a winner. Leila had the Deceptively Delicious mac 'n cheese and a gardenburger for dinner tonight, both of which she loved and did not make a big mess with. We'll see how she does with one of the new pastas tomorrow.

Here is Chef Leila helping me out:


Katie said...

wowza! Can you come cook for my kid?? Leila is a lucky lucky girl!

Erica said...

Mmm, yummy! I want the recipes! :)

Sheila said...

Seriously, can you come over and cook for my kid too?? Carter only gets the microwaveable Annie's mac & cheese (but do I get points for organic? ;-).

taraaaaa said...

i would suggest the annie's macaroni (it has a while sauce)...andrew never seemed to make as big of a mess with that. the red sauce of def killer though! i feel your pain!