Saturday, April 12, 2008

Leila's "pool"

Today's high temperature was 89 degrees and we took full advantage of it! First thing in the morning we walked to the Farmer's Market and got our produce for the week, and (of course!) a cup of coffee from Tully's. Then we walked over to the Three Dog Bakery to get Ramon a goodie and a new kong. We then walked home and Leila took a nap. During her nap I went out and got a little pool for the backyard. As soon as she woke up we took her to the backyard where she got super excited for her new pool, and even did her "Happy Feet" dance! She couldn't wait for her swimsuit and decided to hop in in her birthday suit.

Finally, she let us put her suit on!

It may not be the fanciest pool, but she absolutely loves it!

Make sure your volume is up - you can hear her say "hi" and "bye"


m&m818 said...

what a cutie!

m&m818 said...

what a cutie!

Sheila said...

Too cute!! What a fun little pool. I need to get Carter one of those. I love her little baby buns!

Anonymous said...

You have got to make a new talking vedio of her talking, I'm going to ware this one out.gma