Thursday, January 15, 2009

She is *so* my daughter!

Tony thinks it's a little weird how much pride I take in the fact that Leila can detect a George Michael song within the first few seconds of music, before he's even begun singing. I used to sing her (my favorite song in the whole wide world,) "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" as a lullaby when she was an infant, and it's long since been one of her favorites. She knows George Michael as "Go-Go" (which I love!) and whenever a song of his comes on the radio, or my iPod she gets excited and starts yelling out "Go-Go!! Go-Go, Mama!" She often times requests to hear "Go-Go" or watch his videos on You Tube. Yesterday Tony (such a good sport) and Leila watched five George Michael ("Go-Go") videos on You Tube. Today when she woke up from her nap she asked to watch Go-Go, so we went to You Tube and I typed in "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go". The video started and she got irritated.

Leila: "No, no, no, mama. No Go-Go."

Me: "But you said you wanted Go-Go."

Her: (big, irritated sigh) "No Go-Go Go-Go. Faith-a, faith-a, faith-a."

Me: "You want to listen to 'Faith'?!?!"

Her: "Yeah. Go-Go faith-a."

So, we watched the video for "Faith" and all was good. That girl cracks me up!


Erica said...

OMG that cracks me up!! I love how she is already a George Michael fan at such a young age!! :)

The Oliver Family said...

lmao!!!! that cracks me up!! so cute!!