Monday, December 8, 2008

ALCO kid's Christmas party 2008

Tony's fire department is awesome enough to throw a really great Christmas party for the kids every year (I guess it's been going on for over 20 years!) Leila had a ton of fun this year playing with the other kids, eating cookies and seeing Santa, but she had the most fun singing! They had a live holiday band singing fun Christmas songs, and the kids got to participate in a lot of them. Leila was the only kid who didn't want to stop singing, and was way more interested in the microphone than Santa. Oh well - maybe next year!Leila and Tony had a vital part in "Must be Santa"
Santa came in on a fire engine!

Leila was fine seeing Santa, as long as she had her Daddy close by!

And, just for cuteness a full view of her outfit with her coat.


Michelle Z said...

OH MY GOODNESS... Does it get any cuter than that?!?!? What a fun event!!

The Oliver Family said...

she is so cute! i am having the worst day, and seeing her little face definitely makes it a little bit brighter! shes so darling!

Erica said...

Sooooooo cute!!

Rachel said...

Her outfit is adorable!!

SAM said...

What a little princess!! American Idol, here she comes!